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Catching Fish - Book

Catching Fish - Book


      Out of print for almost 40 years, these are the fundamentals that shaped today's fisherman – the way they fish and the vocabulary of the sports fishing world!

      Before Catch & Release, before modern day mapping and GPS, the birth of intelligent angling is explored throughout these insightful pages.

      This book is a reprint of fishing discovery and information, with updated notes from Ron and Al Lindner, covering the years between 1964 and 1974. A look back at the building blocks of structure fishing.

      This volume belongs in the library of every angler and fishing historian wanting a look back at how the sports fishing world has evolved.

      This book is the first in a trilogy. Watch for the next installment – The In-Fisherman Years, coming to a book store or bait shop near you!

      Limited copies – all autographed and numbered.